Voice of San Diego cites Rose Institute study

The Voice of San Diego published an article on April 26th, citing a Rose Institute study on San Diego County public services. Written by Vlad Kogan, the article is titled “County Fiscal Policies Squeeze San Diego’s Core Public Services.” It begins by referring to a series of studies which have recently “documented the abysmal levels of public services provided by the county of San Diego.” One such study cited by the article, was conducted by the Rose Institute in conjunction with Voice, and it found that compared to the other largest counties in California, San Diego generally spent far less money on basic social services, particularly per recipient.

In the article, Kogan discusses his research, which found that “in examining the revenue streams of the largest 12 counties in the state…San Diego simply has far less money to spend and chooses to spend less of what it has. Overall, our county raises almost 25 percent less in revenue than its peers, and yet ends the year with a much larger unspent balance.”

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