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We invite you to support the Rose Institute as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary. You can contribute to the Rose Institute 50th Anniversary Fund and purchase 50th Anniversary swag.

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The Rose Institute staff and students would like to thank the following people who have helped make the 50th Anniversary celebration memorable:

Donor name
Vadim R. Alden '01 and Aurora A. Alden
Marshall A. Bessey '23
Jon F. Cofer'82 and Melissa Cofer
Matthew E. Crall '94 and Teresa Crall
Cary Davidson '75 and Andrew G. Ogilvie
Christiana Dominguez '01 and Robert W. Nicholson
Dr. Justin Levitt '06
Sean R. Elsbernd '97 and Jennifer Johnston
John P. Faranda '79
Eric Figueroa '92 P'21 and Joanna Figueroa P'21
Nicholas R. Fedorochko '19
Nohemi Ferguson '82 P'17
Tyler H. Finn '17
Maya Ghosh '22
Deborah L. Gonzalez '85 P'14 and Anthony S. Gonzalez '85 P'14
Jared V. Gordon '99 and Yvette Segura
Anna E. Green '21
Charles Harris '19
Rex Heeseman '64 P'95 and Mary A. Heeseman P'95
Mark A. Henson '05
Robert M. Hertzberg
Kirk L. Hoiberg '92 and Allison L. Hoiberg '96
Robert W. Howard '55 and Cleva Jo Howard
Jeff R. Hudson '74 and Margaret Hudson
Christopher A. Hutchison '02 and Elena C. Hutchison '03
Ryan M. Iwasaka '94 and Una Chung-Iwasaka
Douglas M. Johnson '92 and Deb Johnson
Christopher D. Jones '11
Manav S. Kohli '16
Elizabeth n. Lampe '06
Jonathan W. Lew '92 and Audrey C. Lew
Riley T. Lewis '11 and Emma L. Lewis
John J. Lulejian '89
Angela R. Mattoon '04
David W. Meyer '12 and Maren E. Hotvedt '12
Bryn C. Miller '19
Ken and Kimberly Miller
Kelly and Marionette Moore
Joy A. Nakayama '03
Ashwin B. Navin '99 and Sayaka Navin
Abhi Nemani '10
Nielsen Merksamer Perrinello Gross and Leoni
Sue O'Bannon '84
Joshua P. Orum '98 and Erin Orum
Lisa Minshew Pitney '89 and John J. Pitney, Jr.
Brian W. Rayburn '04 and Christy Rayburn
Richard J. Romero '89 and Laura G. Romero '90
Joshua W. Rooney '17
Ian S. Rudge '03 and April E. Rudge '04
Marina K. Sebright '14
Christopher E. Skinnell '99 and Kerri H. Skinnell '99
Eric J. Skinner P'17 and Sonia E. Skinner P'17
Ryder Todd Smith '96 and Nicole Smith '96
Jacinth K. Sohi '11
Karen M. Stevens P'18 P'24 P'26 and Rodd A. Stevens P'18 P'24 P'26
Christopher J. Townsend '82 and Michele A. Townsend
Tripepi Smith
Jessica A. Witt '00 and Kyle Witt
Darryl Wold '63 and Carol Wold
Scott L. Woolley '92 and Bronwyn Woolley