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Torrance – Political

Torrance has a council-manager form of government. It is comprised of the Mayor and six council members. The council members are elected by registered voters of Torrance. The Mayor and council members serve four-year terms with a maximum of two terms. The City Clerk and City Treasurer also serve four-year terms but have no term limits. The elections are held every two years on the even year. The responsibilities of the City Council include establishing laws, resolving issues, evaluating the budget of the city, and appointing the City Manager, the City Attorney, and volunteers. The City Manager employs the City Council’s policies and laws. The City Attorney advises the City Council in legal matters and prosecutes individuals who violate laws in the City of Torrance. The City Attorney is divided into General Advice, Civil Litigation, and Criminal Prosecution. The volunteers participate in advisory boards, commissions, and committees to help the City Council with making decisions to comply with the needs of Torrance residents. The City Clerk attends council meetings, keeps track of city records and handles municipal elections, and the City Treasurer manages the city’s finances.