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San Bernardino – Political

The City of San Bernardino has a council-mayor form of governance. The City Council is composed of seven members, each representing a ward of the city. Council offices are non-partisan and the terms are four years, with elections staggered on odd-numbered years. The mayor is elected independently to a four year term in the year following a presidential election. The City Attorney, City Clerk, and City Treasurer are elected positions, while the City Manager is appointed by the City Council. The City Manager, in addition to managing and supervising all City departments, plays a role in policy formulation, budgetary management, special projects, the City Employees’ Rideshare Program, and grant writing efforts.  Members of various board, bureaus, committees, and commissions are nominated by the City Council, appointed by the Mayor, and then approved by the Council. Commissions and boards vary in size and length.