Rose Institute tracks Glendale election results

Elections were held yesterday in Glendale and in a new joint project, the Rose Institute partnered with the city to allow voters to track ballots as they were transferred to the election headquarters and counted. This was done through an interactive map on the city’s webpage, available here.

On the ballot were spots on the City Council, the Board of Education and the Glendale Community College Board of Trustees. Additionally, there was a $270-million school bond.

As Rose Institute Fellow Douglas Johnson in an interview with the Glendale News-Press earlier this week, “One of the things that was always frustrating was when the city election results rolled out during the night, we never knew which of the precincts they were coming from…This is all information that has always been in the clerk’s office, but they never had the time or the resources to do anything with it…At the institute we have the web savvy and the resources to actually get the information from the many different places where it’s recorded onto one website for people to see.”

In the same Glendale News-Press article, Glendale City Clerk Ardy Kassakhian said “We want people to know the results of the elections, but also to be able to track the votes as to where they are coming from and how long it may take to tally them…Providing the public with this information is an attempt to pull back the curtain behind which elections processes have been conducted throughout communities.”

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