Rose Fellow Doug Johnson on Shifting Demographics

On March 18th, the Pasadena Star News published an article titled “State’s 49th Assembly District home to changing demographic and multi-ethnic coalition”. The article discusses the shifting demographics of the San Gabriel Valley, and the formation of a multi-ethnic coalition, and what these changes mean for the state and the nation.

In its discussion of the effects of demographic changes, the article cites Rose Fellow Doug Johnson. Johnson believes that the changes have incentivized the formation of Asian-Pacific and Latino political coalitions, which Johnson predicts will soon command California’s political scene.

Johnson explains that as Asians have historically lacked the numerical advantages of whites and Latinos, they have consistently been forced to build coalitions, both inside communities of Asian-Pacific Islanders and across racial and ethnic lines.

On another note, Johnson examines the potential effects of California’s new open primary system (to be launched in June) on the way politicians campaign and govern. Johnson stated that “There are two pressures in California, one is to create enclaves of interest groups and the other to build really strong coalitions. I think the supporters of open primaries hope it will lead to more coalition building in California.”


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