Nebraska Overview

Redistricting Process: Nebraska’s unicameral legislature is responsible for congressional and state legislative redistricting through the standard bill process. Since there is only one house in the Nebraska state legislature, counties are relatively square, and Republicans dominate state politics, redistricting is relatively uncontroversial.

Governor: Republican Dave Heineman

Legislature: Nebraska has a non-partisan legislature.

Number of Congressional Seats in 2011: 3 (no change from 2010)

Ideal Number of Districts in 2011: 608,780

Link to Nebraska Legislature: Redistricting Newsletter

Current District by District Politics and Demographics:

1st District– Republican Jeff Fortenberry

2010 Congressional Results: Fortenberry 71%

2008 Congressional Results: Fortenberry 70%

2006 Congressional Results: Fortenberry 58%

2004 Congressional Results: Fortenberry 54%

2008 Presidential Results: McCain 54% Obama 44%

2004 Presidential Results: Bush 63% Kerry 36%

District Population: 626,092

Over/Under Populated by: 17,311

White Population: 539,676

African American Population: 12,393

Hispanic Population: 44,015

See more demographic information from the 2010 Census for the 1st District.*

2nd District– Republican Lee Terry

2010 Congressional Results: Terry 61%

2008 Congressional Results: Terry 52%

2006 Congressional Results: Terry 55%

2004 Congressional Results: Terry 61%

2008 Presidential Results: McCain 49% Obama 50%

2004 Presidential Results: Bush 60% Kerry 38%

District Population: 638,871

Over/Under Populated by: 30,091

White Population: 470,634

African American Population: 64,901

Hispanic Population: 68,300

See more demographic information from the 2010 Census for the 2nd District.*

3rd District– Republican Adrian Smith

2010 Congressional Results: Smith 70%

2008 Congressional Results: Smith 77%

2006 Congressional Results: Smith 55%

2004 Congressional Results: Tom Osborne (R) 87%

2008 Presidential Results: McCain 69% Obama 30%

2004 Presidential Results: Bush 75% Kerry 24%

District Population: 561,378

Over/Under Populated by: 47,402

White Population: 489,44

African American Population: 3,665

Hispanic Population: 55,090

See more demographic information from the 2010 Census for the 3rd District.*

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Redistricting Process taken from Rose Institute study “Redistricting in America.”