Mississippi Overview

Redistricting Process: For redistricting, the legislature must approve a plan within sixty days of the end of its second session following the census. If it fails to pass a plan, the governor is constitutionally bound to call a special session for the express purpose of redistricting. If the legislature still fails to approve a plan, a five-member commission will create and enact a plan. This commission is chaired by the chief justice of the state supreme court, and includes the attorney general, the secretary of state, the speaker of the House and the president pro tempore of the Senate. They must reach a decision within 180 days. While the governor may veto plans passed by the legislature, any plan that the commission approves automatically becomes law.

Governor: Republican Phil Bryant

Legislature: Democrats control both chambers.

Number of Congressional Seats in 2011: 4 (no change from 2010)

2011 Ideal District Population: 741,824

Link to Mississippi State Legislature Redistricting Committee


Current District by District Politics and Demographics

1st District- Republican Alan Nunnelee

2010 Congressional Results: Nunnelee 55%

2008 Congressional Results: Travis Childers (D) 55%

2006 Congressional Results: Roger Wicker (R) 66%

2004 Congressional Results: Wicker 79%

2008 Presidential Results: McCain 62% Obama 37%

2004 Presidential Results: Bush 62% Kerry 37%

District Population: 788,095

Over/Under Populated by: 46,271

White Population: 535,688

African American Population: 214,971

Hispanic Population: 23,280

See more demographic information from the 2010 Census for the 1st District.*

2nd District- Democrat Bennie Thompson

2010 Congressional Results: Thompson 62%

2008 Congressional Results: Thompson 69%

2006 Congressional Results: Thompson 64%

2004 Congressional Results: Thompson 58%

2008 Presidential Results: McCain 33% Obama 66%

2004 Presidential Results: Bush 40% Kerry 59%

District Population: 668,263

Over/Under Populated by: 73,561

White Population: 203,367

African American Population: 442,612

Hispanic Population: 12,447

See more demographic information from the 2010 Census for the 2nd District.

3rd District-Republican Gregg Harper

2010 Congressional Results: Harper 68%

2008 Congressional Results: Harper 62%

2006 Congressional Results: Chip Pickering (R) 78%

2004 Congressional Results: Pickering 80%

2008 Presidential Results: McCain 61% Obama 39%

2004 Presidential Results: Bush 65% Kerry 34%

District Population: 756,924

Over/Under Populated by: 15,100

White Population: 455,668

African American Population: 262,329

Hispanic Population: 17,704

See more demographic information from the 2010 Census for the 3rd District.

4th District- Republican Steven Palazzo

2010 Congressional Results: Palazzo 52%

2008 Congressional Results: Gene Taylor (D) 75%

2006 Congressional Results: Taylor 80%

2004 Congressional Results: Taylor 64%

2008 Presidential Results: McCain 67% Obama 32%

2004 Presidential Results: Bush 68% Kerry 31%

District Population: 754,015

Over/Under Populated by: 12,191

White Population: 527,564

African American Population: 173,600

Hispanic Population: 28,050

See more demographic information from the 2010 Census for the 4th District.


*In some browsers, the link to the 2010 Census page may link to a table of demographics for several states as opposed to the districts for the specific state.  If this occurs, click the “Back to Search” link at the top of the page and then click on the arrow next to “Geographies” in the left column.  Select “All Congressional Districts within Mississippi” and then close the box.  Click on the link for “Race, Hispanic or Latino, Age and Housing Occupancy: 2010” and the correct table should appear.

Redistricting Process taken from Rose Institute study “Redistricting in America.”