Kansas Overview

Redistricting Process: The legislature is responsible for drawing and passing redistricting plans for congressional and state legislative districts, subject to a gubernatorial veto. After passage, the attorney general submits the plan to the Kansas Supreme Court within fifteen days of the plan being passed. The court has thirty days to determine whether the plan is valid. If the plan is struck down, the legislature has fifteen days to propose another plan, which is again subject to supreme court oversight. This process is repeatable, until an appropriate plan is passed and approved by the supreme court.

Governor: Republican Sam Brownback

Legislature: Republicans control both chambers.

Number of Congressional Seats in 2011: 4 (no change from 2010)

2011 Ideal District Population: 713,275

Link to Kansas Senate Committee on Reapportionment

Current District by District Politics and Demographics

1st District- Republican Tim Huelskamp

2010 Congressional Results: Huelskamp 74%

2008 Congressional Results: Jerry Moran (R) 82%

2006 Congressional Results: Moran 79%

2004 Congressional Results: Moran 91%

2008 Presidential Results: McCain 69% Obama 30%

2004 Presidential Results: Bush 72% Kerry 26%

District Population: 655,310

Over/Under Populated by: 57,965

White Population: 523,015

African American Population: 14,707

Hispanic Population: 96,728

See more demographic information from the 2010 Census for the 1st District.*

2nd District- Republican Lynn Jenkins

2010 Congressional Results: Jenkins 63%

2008 Congressional Results: Jenkins 50.6%

2006 Congressional Results: Nancy Boyda (D) 51%

2004 Congressional Results: Jim Ryun (R) 56%

2008 Presidential Results: McCain 55% Obama 43%

2004 Presidential Results: Bush 59% Kerry 39%

District Population: 710,047

Over/Under Populated by: 3,228

White Population: 598,931

African American Population: 33,366

Hispanic Population: 40,917

See more demographic information from the 2010 Census for the 2nd District.

3rd District- Republican Kevin Yoder

2010 Congressional Results: Yoder 59%

2008 Congressional Results: Dennis Moore (D) 57%

2006 Congressional Results: Moore 65%

2004 Congressional Results: Moore 55%

2008 Presidential Results: McCain 48% Obama 51%

2004 Presidential Results: Bush 55% Kerry 44%

District Population: 767,569

Over/Under Populated by: 54,293

White Population: 566,702

African American Population: 64,842

Hispanic Population: 84,330

See more demographic information from the 2010 Census for the 3rd District.

4th District– Republican Mike Pompeo

2010 Congressional Results: Pompeo 58%

2008 Congressional Results: Todd Tiahrt (R) 63%

2006 Congressional Results: Tiahrt 64%

2004 Congressional Results: Tiahrt 66%

2008 Presidential Results: McCain 58% Obama 40%

2004 Presidential Results: Bush 64% Kerry 34%

District Population: 720,192

Over/Under Populated by: 6,916

White Population: 541,891

African American Population: 49,785

Hispanic Population: 78,067

See more demographic information from the 2010 Census for the 4th District.

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Redistricting Process taken from Rose Institute study “Redistricting in America.”