Redistricting Process: Single At-Large District Population Change (since 2000): 83,299
Legislature: Republican
Seats: 1
Governor: Sean Parnell (R) Members of Congress: 1R
Party Control: Republican 2012: 41.3% Obama, 55.3% Romney

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At-Large District

Redistricting Analysis: Alaska

According to the 2010 Census, the population of Alaska is 710,231. This demonstrates a growth of 13.3% from 2000 in which the population was 626,932. It is estimated that as of 2012 the population was 731,449. From April 2010 to July 2012, the population is estimated to have changed by only 3%. This is the slowest rate of growth in 80 years.

In 2011, of the 710,231 residents of Alaska, 63.7% were White, 3.6% were Black, 14.9% were American Indian and Alaska Native, 5.6% Asian and 5.8% reported being of Hispanic or Latino descent. Alaska has leaned more Republican, with the Republican Party having a 73.9% party advantage.