Monrovia Citizen Satisfaction Survey

The Rose Institute conducted an in-depth Citizen Satisfaction Survey in 2008 to gauge community interest and input on a wide variety of local issues, services, and programs. The survey results provided information that lead to increased and redirected levels of activity in public information and outreach, youth services, library services and various quality of life initiatives. The Institute used three methods of gathering information: a telephone survey of 403 randomly selected households; a four-page written survey given to more than 16,500 Monrovia residents; and two focus groups – teen and adult – that took input from a widely diversified group of residents. Rose Institute students successfully conducted the teen survey, as they have done with other youth focus groups in the past. The results showed, among other things, that 95% of Monrovians were either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with City services. The full survey is available here.


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