The Rose Institute Goes Interactive

The Rose Institute has an added facet to its publications – interactivity. New Rose applications allow for dynamic user interaction with mapped data and geography, as can be seen in several of the institute’s recent analyses.

The Rose Institute has been a leader in mapping and geographic analysis since its founding. We strive to create rich, detailed maps that simplify complicated ideas and aid in visualizing political and demographic trends. The Rose takes pride in offering its data and maps to the public for education and discussion. Recently, the Rose has taken strides to go beyond static maps–producing interactive mapping applications which allow the user to choose layers, pan and zoom, and even change the look and feel of the map. This page is a resource to find any one of the Rose Institute’s mapping applications, with plenty more to come.

Voice of San Diego Demographic Analysis

LGBT Communities of Interest for 2011 Redistricting

Organized Groups Draft Plans Made to Citizens Redistricting Commission

California Population Growth Maps, 2000-2010

Proposed Illinois Congressional Districts

Glendale Municipal Election Results and Live Tracker

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