Inland Empire Center – Overview

The Inland Empire Center, comprised of San Bernadino and Riverside Counties, is one of the fastest growing regions in California. With over 4.1 million residents, it is the third largest metropolitan area in California and the fourteenth largest in the United States. Remarkably, the Inland Empire now has a larger population than 24 states.

Yet, despite its emergence in recent decades as an important center of trade and commerce, the Inland Empire is too often overlooked by economic and political analysts. To fill this void, the Rose Institute has joined forces with the Lowe Institute for Political Economy to establish the Inland Empire Center. This unique partnership of two prominent research institutes at Claremont McKenna College will provide business and government leaders timely and sophisticated analyses of political and economic developments in the Inland Empire.

The Inland Empire Center’s regular publications include the Inland Empire Outlook and the Inland Empire Forecast. The IEC also hosts periodic conferences in conjunction with the UCLA Anderson Forecast.

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