Share Your Rose Story: Francisco C. Moreno ’74 “Frank”

After leaving CMC I worked with Dr. Heslop in the creation of the first ever ‘Latino Atlas” which included information on Latino representatives and influential businesses in California. I also participated in Dr. Heslops’ New Citizens Project. Both of these were sponsored by the Rose Institute and were the first of their kind of studies in California.

In 1976, I was named assembly district coordinator for the Carter for President Campaign. After the election of President Carter, I was a member of his domestic counsel in Washington D.C.  I was a legislative director for a Latino organization known as SER-Jobs for Progress.

In 1978, I became an assignment editor/producer for CBS News where I worked with such notable journalists as Walter Cronkite and Charles Kuralt.

In 1983,  I started my own business with my father, a jeweler, and became a licensee for jewelry and high-end sports pins for the 1984 Olympics.

In 1986, my company became the licensee for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.

In 1992, I ran for the Los Angeles City Council.

In 1996, I ran for the Republican nomination for the 32nd Congressional District.

In 1998, I was elected the Republican nominee for the 32nd Congressional District.

In 1999, I was named president of the California Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce

In 2010, I became Area Director for the 2020 U.S. Census

Since 2018 I have been the CEO of MoRend Enterprises L.L.C. which my wife, Hermelinda Rendon, and I head up. Our specialties are the Hispanic market in marketing, advertising, and merchandising. More recently we were partially responsible for the retirement of Fernando Valenzuela’s jersey with the Dodgers. We are currently embarking on a campaign to have Fernando Valenzuela installed in the  Baseball Hall of Fame. I am working closely with Dr. Richard Santillan, with whom I have been a contributing writer on a couple of his books on Mexican-American baseball.

The Rose Institute was instrumental in my development, especially Dr. Heslop’s guidance without whom much of what I have done could have come to pass. I learned much from him and owe my intellectual development to his continued guidance. Yes…the Rose has been part of the intellectual development of my life.