Dr. Ken Miller works with students to produce book on Texas and California politics

The Rose Institute’s Associate Director, Dr. Ken Miller, has just released Texas vs. California: A History of Their Struggle for the Future of America. This new book is a groundbreaking historical, economic, cultural, and political analysis of America’s two most powerful states — and how their rivalry is shaping the nation’s destiny.

Dr. Miller is a fifth-generation Californian who is married to a proud native Texan. This book is rooted in his decades of experience in the two states, including his time staffing legislators as a California Senate Fellow, his years researching and teaching California politics as a Claremont McKenna professor, and his year in Texas as a visiting scholar analyzing the Lone Star State.

Throughout his work on this book, Dr. Miller relied heavily on the support of Rose researchers. He credits the book’s success to the contributions of the students highlighted below.

Dr. Miller’s book provides both a valuable new perspective on the nation’s Red/Blue divide and a prime example of the opportunities the Rose Institute offers for faculty-student collaboration.

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