Catching up with the Rose Institute

It’s been a busy summer at the Rose! We moved into a brand new office in the middle of a very busy redistricting year. We’re phenomenally excited about our new space and the opportunities it affords us. We’re looking forward to hosting more speakers and events on California politics and redistricting.

Our director, Andrew Busch, and new assistant director for research and publications, Bipasa Nadon, have settled in as we look for new areas and topics to research while maintaining the same commitment to excellence in our projects, like the Inland Empire Outlook, Wheeler’s Desert Letter,, and a variety of other projects.

What have we been doing this summer? In addition to a number of small redistricting projects, we’ve been working hard to track the discussions and decisions of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission from start to finish. If you’ve been following us on Twitter, you know that we’ve been covering the Citizens Redistricting Commission’s meetings in exhaustive detail. And it’s definitely making an impact–we’ve had 64 separate people retweet us on redistricting in the past three months. Moreover, we’ve worked hard to create the best resource available for looking at the plans in progress: the Rose Institute’s Draft Plans viewer. This web application allows you to view all the the commission’s draft plans as they evolved, as well as many of the other plans submitted by organized groups around the state. In addition, we’ve put out a new edition of the Wheeler’s Desert Letter and have been hard at work planning projects for this upcoming academic year.

We’re looking forward to returning to full staff in a couple weeks. With that will come more frequent updates to this blog on a host of topics, whether it be redistricting and analysis from around the country, coverage of redistricting litigation, Census recap, 2012 elections predictions, or something else we haven’t even thought of yet. Expect new updates to, a new issue of the Inland Empire Outlook, an update to the Miller-Rose Initiative Database, and more.

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