CA Dems to Gain How Many Congressional Seats in ’12?

Chris Reed of the San Diego U-T disputes Dan Walters recent claim that without congressional redistricting reform we could see a “Democratic Legislature and a Democratic governor swiping five or six seats in California for the 2012 elections to solidify their party’s hold on Congress.”

Dan Walters responded, as did our consulting fellow Douglas Johnson:

Essentially it comes down to this: the Democratic districts are concentrated along the coast and in the SF/LA urban areas. The inland areas are all Republican. By turning a few Dem districts to stretch inland, a whole host of Republican districts can be endangered — I haven’t tried it, but three are easily done, and five is not outside the realm of possibility.

Go over to America’s Finest Blog to check out the entire discussion.


Looks like Chris Reed agrees with me about Nunez’ whining press strategy (in fact, he says that Nunez should be thanking the press) and disagrees with me about the potential efficacy of Grey Davis stumping for the Governor’s redistricting intitiative. The latter point is likely a moot one anyhow.

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