Spotlight on the Policy Wonks

The prize for the hottest [alright, so I exaggerate a little] policy report in California in the last few weeks likely goes to Sasha Horwitz of the Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) and Termed Out: Reforming California’s Legislative Term Limits (pdf). See our earlier post for more info. His bio from the CGS website:

Sasha Horwitz
Sasha Horwitz is Political Reform Associate for CGS. His work focuses on analyzing and improving existing campaign finance laws across the country. Prior to joining CGS, he interned for Los Angeles Mayor James K. Hahn, Congressman Howard Berman and Peter D. Hart Research Associates and was a consultant for the San Francisco Ethics Commission. He received his Master of Public Policy from the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley and received his BA in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

While Sasha’s work will no doubt continue to be used and abused by both sides of the Proposition 93 debate, Eric McGhee’s Legislative Reform is the new kid in town, taking on redistricting as well as the term limits issue. Read Douglas Johnson’s commentary commentary on the report, see the video of the PPIC conference based on the report, and check out conference coverage. Eric’s bio:

Eric McGhee
Research Fellow

• Elections:
California redistricting reform, State and local voter initiatives, Voting behavior
• Legislative behavior:
Legislative organization, Responsiveness to public opinion, State term limits
• Political participation
• Political parties and party polarization
• Polling and public opinion

Assistant Professor, political science, University of Oregon (2004-2007). Congressional Fellow, American Political Science Association (2003-2004). Research Associate, PPIC Statewide Survey, Public Policy Institute of California (2000-2002).

Ph.D. (2003) and M.A. (1998), political science, University of California, Berkeley.

PPIC Publication
Legislative Reform, Public Policy Institute of California, 2007.

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