Rose Institute Launches Redistricting in America: The Definitive Site for Congressional Redistricting News and Analysis

The Rose Institute of State and Local Government at Claremont McKenna College today announced the creation of Redistricting in America (, a site featuring information, news, and analysis on congressional redistricting in all fifty states.

“Previously, anyone interested in congressional redistricting had to search many different, and sometimes confusing sites, to find relevant political and demographic information,” said Mike Whatley, New Media Manager of the Rose Institute.  “However, Redistricting in America provides comprehensive redistricting news, information, and analysis for every state in one user- friendly site.”

Features of the site include:

  • An interactive map of the United States that allows viewers to click on any state to find that state’s redistricting basics, such as which political party controls the process in 2011.
  • Every state page will have an interactive map of all of the districts in the state that will allow a visitor to “flyover” each district and view what it includes geographically.
  • State pages for every state that: list the number of congressional seats for that state in 2011; the current partisan breakdown of that state’s congressional delegation; an explanation of the type of redistricting process for that state; the state’s population change since 2000; 2008 presidential results for that state; and which party controls the state legislature and governor’s mansion.
  • Redistricting news and analysis from the Rose Institute, as well as from local sources for each state.
  • Detailed overviews of congressional redistricting in every state that list the most up-to-date political and demographic information from the Census Bureau for every congressional district in the state.  As the Census Bureau continues to release information from the 2010 Census, the site will be updated to include these numbers.
  • An introduction on redistricting and the history of redistricting.
  • A listing and explanation of major federal court cases that have involved congressional redistricting.
  • A live Twitter stream of all tweets involving congressional redistricting throughout the United States.
  • An interactive “Submit News” feature that allows visitors to submit redistricting news and tips for review by the Rose Institute.

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