Rose Fellow Huntoon on city car allowances

Rose Institute Fellow David Huntoon was recently quoted in the Whittier Daily News in an article titled “Car allowances cost area cities thousands annually.” Published on January 8th, the article details how cities in the San Gabriel Valley and Whittier area give many of their employees stipends for vehicles.

In the article Huntoon is quoted as saying that “It is typically cheaper to provide a car allowance than to purchase and maintain a fleet of cars . . . When I was in the private sector, I certainly found car allowances were a better thing for the company, in this case the city, than providing vehicles.” He also referenced the recent controversy surrounding the salaries of employees in the City of Bell, saying “I think you have got the Bell situation . . .  that caused people to question every piece of so- called benefits that an employee gets . . . Certainly there are places where it is being abused, but in those sorts of places I would imagine you are finding much worse abuse.”

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