CA Redistricting Commission names 5 sub-committees

Today the California Citizens Redistricting Commission organized itself into five subcommittees:

  • Technical Advisory: Yao, Parvenu, Aguirre, Barabba, DiGuillio
  • Public Information: Parvenu, Raya, Ward, Forbes, Aguirre, Barabba
  • Legal: Filkins Webber, Ward, Forbes, Raya
  • Outreach: Filkins Webber, Ontai, DiGuillio, Parvenu, Forbes, Raya, Aguirre, Dai, Ward
  • Finance: Yao, Dai, DiGuilio, Ontai

We assume Commissioners Blanco, Galambos Malloy and Kuo will sign up for the subcommittee(s) of their choice at their next meeting.

Information on the individual Commissioners is available on the Commission website.

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