Rose Fellow Douglas Johnson on Ontario's Late Election Returns

Rose Institute Fellow Douglas Johnson was quoted in a November 27th article at the Contra Costa Times. The article is titled “Ontario to reconsider using San Bernardino County registrar of voters,” and it discusses the delays that the city of Ontario has had in receiving its election results from San Bernardino County.

While election results were in by 10am the morning after Election Night, Johnson argues that “one hundred percent of the precincts should be in” by the end of Election Night and that there is “no excuse for a majority of the precincts not being reported by the end of Election Night.” He also points out that the Riverside County Registrar of Voters was dismissed for delays in reporting election results.

While Ontario officials are currently weighing taking over control of the city’s elections, Johnson says that they have a lot of things to consider before coming to a decision. “First, there is only one firm in the area that helps cities conduct their own elections…City officials might find it costlier for them to hire the firm and have it do the majority of the work.” If, on the other hand, the city clerk does the majority of the work, it could be cheaper than having the county conduct elections. Then, however, the city would likely need to purchase its own equipment, an expensive proposition. Currently, Ontario pays less than $100,000 to the county for handling elections.

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