Douglas Johnson in the Whittier Daily News

From an article by Tania Chatila in the Whittier Daily News:

If passed, The Homeowners Protection Act would restrict city agencies from taking residential property through eminent domain and turning it over to private developers, said Kathy Fairbanks, a spokeswoman for Eminent Domain Reform Now, a California advocacy group.

The California Property Owners and Farmland Protection Act would do the same, except for commercial and residential properties, said Douglas Johnson, a fellow with the Rose Institute of State and Local Government.

Neither would restrict eminent domain seizures for public projects, like roadways, he said.

“If you have a blighted, rundown neighborhood, the city can come in and clean it up, but many cities have gone way too far in an effort to gain more (sales tax) revenue,” Johnson said. “These measures are a blow back for those cities that have gone too far.”

Treasure – and other residents and business owners who would be affected by the project – claim the city is being “hush and hush” because of those initiatives.

“We have not been properly informed,” he said, adding that officials are using back-door techniques to get the project approved.

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