Rose's Quinn and Atwater published in Fox & Hounds Daily

On November 19th, two friends of the Rose Institute were featured in Fox & Hounds Daily. Both Board Member Tony Quinn and CMC ’10 alum  Patrick Atwater had their blog posts featured.

Quinn’s piece was titled “The New Republican Cause: Attacking Birthright Citizenship.” In it, he critiques Republicans for trying to eliminate the 14th Amendment, characterizing their efforts as “know-nothing” politics.  He writes:

If any evidence is needed that California Republicans remain brain dead about their problems with the growing non-white vote in this state, there is the move by far right GOPers to repeal the 14th Amendment and deny citizenship to American-born children of illegal immigrants…

…you would think that just having experienced a thorough beating driven in large part by a monster Latino voter turnout, California Republicans might be aware of their problem. But if you thought that you would be wrong. We now have a movement underway in the new congress to target the ancient rules of citizenship and deny citizenship to children born here to people without legal papers.This requires repeal of the 14th Amendment, passed after the Civil War to assure the citizenship of freed slaves, and that is not going to happen.

Atwater’s piece is called “California’s Gold and California’s Governance” and it is a reflection on the recent election. Atwater writes:

We should remember that this election is just a brief moment in California’s proud history.  And we should remember the deep societal questions that elections are supposed to help answer: What makes us Californian?  What is our vision for the state?  And how can we get our government to reflect those answers?

As we try to get beyond the cycle of temporary budget fixes and bitter partisan politics to build a government that realizes this state’s incredible potential, we could do worse than collectively reflect on how the Gold Rush has shaped contemporary California.  Before we can reach a consensus on where California should go, we need to remember where we’re from.

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