Rose's Kosmont Survey at Huffington Post and other News Sources

In the weeks since the Rose Institute’s 2010 Kosmont-Rose Institute Cost of Doing Business Survey has been published it has been picked up by newspapers and blogs across the country, including the Huffington Post.

In an opinion piece published on October 6th, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa discussed the success of his pro-business and pro-jobs and agenda. As a metric of this claim, Villaraigosa cites the Kosmont survey. He writes:

Now, the results are in: our efforts are working. This weekend, Claremont McKenna released its internationally-recognized Kosmont-Rose Institute study announcing the top costliest cities in the United States. Last year, we were in top 10 and this year we are no longer on this list. What a difference a year makes!

The Kosmont-Rose Study serves as tangible validation of our progress and acknowledges our steady stream of policy successes as a major contributing factor in our improved ranking. Larry Kosmont, president and CEO of Kosmont Cos., a development services firm that co-sponsors the report, even publicly supported our innovative economic initiatives when he said “I think L.A. has actually made some progress for a big city. They are identifying the right task and they seem reasonably focused on it. I think that’s a way for L.A. to become selectively competitive. To me, that’s a move in the right direction.”

Other sources which have cited the Kosmont survey recently are listed below:

“Abilene Ranks as Least Expensive City for Business”

“Everett is one of 10 least expensive U.S. cities for business”

“Glendora Named by Kosmont-Rose Institute as One of Three Cities in LA County with a Business Cost Rating of “Very Low Cost”

“Survey finds San Diego County cheapest for business in high-cost state”

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