California Congressman Nunes Introduces Redistricting Reform Bill

On September 29th Republican Congressman Devin Nunes (from California’s 21st district) introduced a bill that would reform the process for Congressional redistricting nationwide (H.R. 6250: the Congressional Redistricting Formula Act).  According to the Congressman’s press release:

[P]oliticians would be banned from intentionally diluting the voting strength of any person or group and would be required to keep communities whole by minimizing divisions and fragmentations of cities and counties. These reforms would end the practice of partisan Gerrymandering.

While redistricting is typically a state issue, Congressman Nunes cites “the Constitutional authority of Congress under Article One, Section Four, to enact laws governing the time, place and manner of Congressional elections.” The bill is endorsed by J. Gerald Hebert of the Campaign Legal Center. Hebert was one of the attorneys for the Democratic plaintiffs in the Texas re-redistricting legal battle, providing solid bipartisan credentials for Nunes’s proposal. The bill was introduced the day before the House went into recess for the midterm elections, so no action will occur until after the elections (at the earliest).

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