Rose Institute Fellow Douglas Johnson interviewed about city managers

KBPS public radio in San Diego recently interviewed Rose Institute Fellow Douglas Johnson in a piece titled “What City Leader Annual Salaries Cost Per Resident.” An article summarizing the interview is available here. The article notes how the salaries of city managers in smaller towns tend to “weigh more heavily on the pockets of taxpayers than in larger counties.

The station surveyed cities in San Diego County regarding the salaries of their city manager and mayor. According to Johnson, the “biggest factor in city manager pay tends to be experience. It’s a very, very hard job, and the last numbers I saw from the League of Cities were that the average city manager lasts about two and a half years.

A similar interview also featuring Johnson was aired on LA’s all-news KNX 1070 on July 26th. In it, Johnson calls for cities to disclose Council and top staff salaries on their websites (a request seconded by the California League of Cities the next day).

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