Rose Fellow Doug Johnson in Glendale News Press

Rose Institute Fellow Doug Johnson was quoted in an April 17th article in the Glendale News Press called “Armenian candidates split vote”. The article discusses the recent Assembly election involving two Armenian candidates, Keuroghelian and Nahabedian, in which many worried that the two would split the Armenian vote, a large constituency in Glendale.

Johnson points out, however, that “without the drawing power of both Keuroghelian and Nahabedian, fewer Armenian Americans would have voted” and says that “the only way Keuroghelian cost Nahabedian the election is if 74% of Keuroghelian voters would have voted for Nahabedian, and 0% of them would have voted for Gatto, and that’s just not realistic…A large bloc of them would have sat out the race, and even if Nahabedian would have won a significant majority of the rest, Gatto and Ramani would each have won their share too.”

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