Constitutional Convention Loses Support

California has long been criticized for its legislative ineffectiveness. Mounting unrest with its political process has spurred a call for reform. However, the Los Angeles Times reported on Friday, Repair California, one of the major groups behind a movement to form a state constitutional convention, has ended their efforts.

Reporting from Sacramento – Proponents of a state constitutional convention that could reshape California’s government have run out of money and canceled plans to put their proposal before voters in November.

The announcement Friday by Repair California, the organization behind the convention bid, raises questions about how effective good-government groups can be in marshaling resources to address Sacramento’s dysfunction.

Despite a powerful start to its campaign in the midst of the adoption of California’s highly controversial budget, Repair California experienced a loss in enthusiasm, due mostly to the complexity of their mission. The loss of Repair California will most likely hurt the success of the proposed measure that was to be put on the November ballot.

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