Thousands of Applicants for California Citizens Redistricting Panel

30,275 people applied for the 14 slots on the Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC).  As the Rose Institute reported earlier, the application deadline was extended from February 12th to February 16th because of the intense interest.  The Citizens Redistricting Commission is entrusted with the task of redrawing California’s Legislative Districts in 2011, and is a result of ballot initiative Proposition 11.

Now that applications for the CRC have closed, the State Auditor’s Applicant Review Panel will whittle the applicant pool down to 60 “of the most qualified applicants.” Those 60 will consist 20 from each of the two largest state parties and 20 who are unaffiliated with either of the largest two parties.  The President pro Tempore of the Senate, the Senate Minority Floor Leader, and the Speaker and Minority Floor Leader of the Assembly will each be able to strike up to two names from each group of 20, for a total of 24 taken from the list.

The State Auditor will then randomly choose the 8 members of the Citizens Redistricting Commission from the remaining names, until there are 3 members of the largest party, 3 members of the second largest party, and 3 members who do not associate with either of the two largest parties.  Those 8 Commissioners will select a final 6 applicants (2 from each pool) from the remaining names to form the final 14-member body.

The timeline for this process is here.

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