Rose releases report on San Diego County public services

The Rose Institute today released a report on the provision of services by San Diego County. Both the press release and the full report are now available online.

From the press release:

“The report comprehensively analyzes San Diego County spending and services in four categories: Welfare, Public Protection, Mental Health, and Other Public Assistance. Looking at the estimated eligible population sizes, County spending, and service denial rates, the study ranks San Diego against the twelve largest counties in California. ‘San Diego County shows a consistent pattern of lower spending on and higher denial rates for welfare programs than comparable California counties,’ says Rose Institute Associate Director Ken Miller. ‘These findings could be the result of either an unwillingness to spend more or a more diligent checking of applicant qualifications.'”

In addition to the work of the Rose Institute research team over many months, the Report is also the result of a unique partnership between the Institute and the journalists of Voice of San Diego. This morning Voice launched the first of its Special Reports based on this report.

On behalf of everyone at the Institute and Claremont McKenna College, our appreciation to Buzz Woolley for its generosity in making this research possible and to Voice for working with us on this research project.

UPDATE: Voice of San Diego has a page listing their many stories arising from this report:, including a post on the Voice blog by Rose project manager Ilan Wurman.

UPDATE II: The North County Times also reported on the study’s findings.

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