Walters on Prop. 93 & Redistricting

Dan Walters’ Sac Bee column today on Prop. 93, the now controversial term limits initiative, says in part:

…once the term limit ballot measure was launched, they reneged on redistricting reform, without so much as an explanation. What that means, in effect, is that they are asking voters not only to give them longer careers in the Legislature, but a guarantee that they’d still be in office in 2011 and thus in position to control redistricting after the 2010 census, which is an awful lot for even a term limit agnostic to swallow.
But there are those nagging complications, such as the special benefits for current incumbents and their failure to produce a promised redistricting reform. Meanwhile, the campaign for Proposition 93 does not appear to be going well, which may be rough justice for the leaders’ failure to place redistricting reform on the same ballot.

Walters notes the new CGS report we linked to and talked about below. See also Steven Harmon of MediaNews in the Contra Costa Times, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, and the Daily Breeze.

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