New York Times Endorses Idea of Independent Redistricting Commission in New York

Yesterday’s New York Times ran an editorial entitled “Gerrymandering, Pure and Corrupt” which explained how New York state legislators have used the process of redistricting in the past to gerrymander state legislature districts in ways that limit competition in elections and help the incumbents stay in office.  The editorial then calls for an independent commission that could draw the lines and hopefully increase the number of competitive elections in New York.  The editorial has an online feature that shows maps for some of the most gerrymandered districts in the state.

There is little chance of changing Albany’s corrupt culture without real political competition and the possibility of a full legislative housecleaning. The only way to do that is to wring much of the party politics and self-interest out of the redistricting process. New York lawmakers need to establish an independent mapmaking system that gives voters a real choice on Election Day.

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