Initiatives Pass in Ohio and Maine

On Tuesday Maine voters passed an initiative (Question 5) which according to the Associated Press will rewrite the 1999 medical marijuana law to “expand conditions under which people can be prescribed marijuana” and will allow “dispensaries from which the drug can be prescribed to patients.”  The initiative passed with 59% of the vote.  Maine is among 13 states that have medical marijuana laws.

Also on Tuesday, Ohio passed an initiative (Issue 3) dealing with casinos.  Ohio voters amended the Ohio Constitution to allow four casinos to be built in Ohio.  According to the Columbus Dispatch, casinos and the supporters of allowing casinos spent over $50 million (or as the Dispatch points out $30 per vote) to pass the initiative.  The initiative won close to 53% of the vote.

For information on all approved statewide ballot initiatives since 1904, please visit the Miller-Rose Institute Initiative Database.

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