Daniel Weintraub Leaves The Bee to Start Blog

Political columnist Daniel Weintraub published his final column at the Sacramento Bee, saying goodbye to the newspaper and announcing his new blog. Mr. Weintraub was the creator of the California Insider, a section of the Sacramento Bee’s online newspaper that was the first political blog to be published by a mainstream newspaper in California, as well as The Conversation, an online forum used to discuss important state issues. He spent nine years at the Bee, witnessing some of the most important and groundbreaking moments in state politics in recent history.  He writes:

Together we watched a historic recall election and the rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger from Hollywood star to chief executive. We followed his successes and failures through annual – and sometimes more frequent – trips to the ballot box. And we shared the frustration of watching him fail to resolve the biggest problem he was elected to address: the state’s chronic budget deficits.

Mr. Weintraub plans to continue publishing work in the Sacramento Bee as well as “writing a Sunday column on politics for the new Bay Area edition of the New York Times.”

His new blog will focus on health policy, and he will also be “reporting on policy issues that affect our health – not just health care itself but also the environment, land-use, transportation, economic policy and other issues.” The website is funded by a non-profit foundation, following the example set by The Voice of San Diego, an independent non-profit online-only newspaper based in San Diego with which the Rose Institute has done extensive work.

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