Rose Conference: Redistricting, The 2010 Census, and Your Budget

The Rose Institute is pleased to announce our next conference will be held October 15th, 2009.

The all-day conference will cover the financial and representational issues involved in the 2010 Census and 2011 Congressional, Legislative, and local redistricting of California.

Titled “Redistricting, The 2010 Census, and Your Budget: Changes and Challenges for California Governments,” the conference will be held on the campus of Claremont McKenna College in Claremont. Elected officials, City and general managers, general counsel, financial officers and elections officials will all find unique and valuable insights from the Conference proceedings.

Also, a new Rose Institute study will be released at this conference. This report will analyze population shifts among California’s Congressional Districts and provide a preview of California’s 2011 Congressional redistricting, including analysis which Congressional Districts are going to need to shift the most in 2011 as a result of under- and over-population.

Visit the Conference website for more information, including the full day’s agenda, or register now. We look forward to seeing you on October 15th.

UPDATE: The Rose Institute is pleased to announce that the California State Association of Counties (CSAC) and the California League of Cities agreed to co-sponsor this conference. These organizations agree with the Institute on the importance of these issues for California’s local governments, both to ensure effective representation of local concerns in Sacramento and Washington, and to understand the importance to local government finances of a full and complete Census.

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