Twitter Comes to Sacramento News Coverage

According to a recent article in Capital Weekly, Twitter, the fast growing social networking messaging site has managed to make its way into coverage of Sacramento. John Myers of KQED started a Twitter account to cover the budget negotiations in Sacramento, and it quickly became one of the most important sources for the latest news:

For the uninitiated, Twitter is a social networking Web site where you can post short messages. Very short. In fact, there is a 140-character maximum on every post. You can sign up for various feeds from other Twitter readers, and they can sign up for yours. Throughout the weekend, the number of followers of Myers’ feed steadily grew. As of this writing, Wednesday afternoon, the number stood at 684. With a couple of keystrokes, and some diligent updating, Myers had become the go-to-guy for budget information.

“The back and forth nature of these marathon sessions seemed to be a good fit for the short, headline-like nature of Twitter,” Myers said.  “Apparently, it caught on.  We’ve gotten more than 150 emails of folks who are enjoying the postings.”

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