Frates on the California Budget

Dr. Frates was recently quoted in the Orange County Register about what he thinks of the California budget crisis. Dr. Frates provides his analysis of how the situation might move forward:

Sacramento’s choices almost always boil down to “tax increases or a decrease in the rate of increase of expenditures,” Dr. Steven B. Frates, senior fellow at the Rose Institute, told us. Notice that spending less is not one of the customary options. At best, they may choose to slow down how much more they increase spending. “It’s quite unusual that there are any substantial cuts,” Frates said.

Dr. Frates later provides his opinion on a potential path towards a solution to California’s nagging budget problems:

The only hope for reversing this accelerating trend of more taxes and increased spending, in the view of Rose Institute’s Frates, is for a greater segment of the population to understand, “just where their tax dollars are going. That’s pretty sobering.

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