Massachusetts Newspaper Calls for Redistricting Reform in the State

The Enterprise newspaper of Brockton, Massachusetts recently released an editorial calling for redistricting reform in the Bay state. The paper looks towards the success of Proposition 11 in California, suggesting that the importance of its victory was lost in the controversy over Proposition 8. The article analyzes California’s redistricting methods over the years, until providing suggestions for Massachusetts:

Reforming redistricting in Massachusetts will be at least as difficult, but it is equally important. One-party governance is bad for the state and even bad for the health of the Democratic Party. With the state expected to lose at least one congressional seat following the 2010 Census, the political stakes in the next redistricting will be especially high.

Gov. Deval Patrick has convened a special task force on ethics and reforms, which will hold its first public hearing this week. Patrick should show the same commitment to better government Schwarzenegger has demonstrated and put redistricting reform at the top of the list.

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