New votes from Nevada County: 61.2% Yes

Wednesday’s 10am vote update contained little news. There was no update to the uncounted ballots report, and only one county, Nevada County, reported any new ballots counted.

Of the 2,049 new ballots counted in Nevada County, 11.4 percent were blank on the Prop 11 question. Of the rest, 61.2 percent voted yes and 38.8 percent voted no. This added 471 votes to the “Yes on 11” margin, which now stands at 152,690.

Officially, there are still 2.1 million ballots left to count, because that report has not been updated since Monday. But we know that 474,405 ballots have been counted since that time. Unless some county found a cache of missed ballots, we should be down to less than 1.6 million ballots left to count.

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