Monday evening brings a significant boost for Prop 11

Good news for election watchers: Trinity County finally reported its left-to-count ballots figure! All 58 counties have now reported their numbers, though they continue to revise them. The number of uncounted ballots statewide just dropped from 2.7 to 2.1 million.

More significantly, the 7:05 pm Monday update was only the 2nd update since Wednesday to include over 100,000 ballots — 142,198, to be exact.

Just over thirteen percent of the new ballots were blank on Proposition 11. Of those with votes indicated, 54.8% voted Yes and 45.2% voted No. This represents an increase in Prop 11’s margin of nearly 12,000 votes.

The numbers continue to look good for Prop. 11. Between the increased margin and the decreased number of remaining ballots to count, proponents now need only 46.4% of the remaining uncounted ballots to pass this historic redistricting reform measure.

This one may be over tomorrow. Check back Tuesday for the latest news.

UPDATE: Analysis of which counties still have ballots to count holds more good news for the “Yes on 11” groups: 2/3 of remaining ballots to count come from counties that voted YES on Prop 11. If the remaining ballots follow the same trend as the counted ballots from the same county, that’s great news for Prop 11 proponents. That’s a big if that we continue to study.

2nd UPDATE: Tuesday morning’s 7:07am report from the Secretary of State said no new information was received from any county, so the numbers are unchanged.

3rd UPDATE: Tuesday morning’s 10:07am update also reported no new information received from any county, so the numbers remain unchanged.

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