Prop 11 Margin shrinks a little more

The state continues to creep ahead in counting ballots, with another 35,000 votes reported this morning (Monday, 11/10, 10:10am update).

As with the latest report Saturday, Yes votes trailed No votes in the latest batch, 47.2% Yes to 52.8% No. Fourteen percent of the new ballots contained no vote on the Prop 11 question. The number of ballots counted was too small to impact the Proposition’s overall support rate, which remains 50.7% Yes and 49.3% No. The Yes margin declined a bit more and now stands at 127,181.

There has been no update to the “uncounted ballots” report since Friday, so we do not know where that stands. Using Friday’s number of 2.7 million ballots left to count, Prop 11 Proponents still need support from 47.5% of remaining votes to win; opponents need 52.8% of remaining votes on Prop 11 to defeat it.

We hope the state’s 1pm update will show more counting progress. If not, serious questions may start to arise: of the 3 million ballots cast but not counted on election day, why have only 620,000 been counted in six days? One hopes the time was spent verifying absentee signatures and confirming the validity of provisional ballots, which would mean those results should come out very quickly very soon.

At this point those of us tracking the close elections (Measure R in LA, CD 4, SD 19, and Prop 11, to name a few) are simply waiting.

UPDATE: 1:09PM: Only 192 new ballots counted, so I won’t bother with a new post. They split 69 Yes, 94 No, 29 blank. Yes margin is now 127,156. No update to the “Uncounted Ballots” report has been posted by the Secretary of State since 4:43pm Friday.

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