Sac Bee On The Consequences of Avoiding Redistricting Reform

The Sacramento Bee opines: “By nixing redistricting reform, legislative leaders may have doomed Proposition 93.” It is becoming clear to everyone these days (if it wasn’t already) that the attempt to lift term limits without some kind of redistricting reform was a colossal blunder.

For a while, it appeared that Assembly Speaker Fabian Núñez and Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata might tackle [both] these problems with a pair of ballot initiatives that would win the support of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.Instead, they took a self-serving route. Redistricting reform was dropped after Núñez and his operatives put together a measure – Proposition 93 – that would allow lawmakers to spend 12 years in a single chamber.

Now, of course, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner is poised to defeat Prop. 93 and give his gubernatorial campaign an early boost. The editors continue:

…Núñez and Perata have only themselves to blame for the turn of events. If they had passed a less self-serving modification to term limits, and coupled it withredistricting reform, they might have avoided the pickle that now plagues their party and limits their effectiveness as legislators.


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