Ralph Rossum Discusses Negative Campaign Ads

In local political races, like that of Rialto mayor, negative campaign ads are becoming commonplace. Ralph Rossum, director of the Rose Institute, discusses the problematic impact of extreme advertisements in an article in the Press-Enterprise:

“Ralph Rossum, of the Rose Institute of State and Local Government at Claremont McKenna College, said the type of negative ads that once appeared only on radio and television has made its way to fliers.

“The whole purpose of those ads is to depress interest or enthusiasm in the person they’re against, and dissuade voter turnout and casting votes,” Rossum said.

Negative ads pointing out differences in policy are common, he said.

“When it is so over the top, I think it makes people angry. There’s nothing subtle about this — we’re going to have gang-bangers aplenty if she’s voted mayor,” Rossum said.”

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