California GOP Vice-Chair Claims Prop 11 Good For Partisans

In a recent commentary piece on his website,, California GOP Vice Chair Jon Fleischman makes the claim that Proposition 11 will make California more partisan by allowing conservative interest groups to get more strongly conservative candidates elected to the legislature. Additionally he says that the increased partisanship will cause more gridlock, which he believes is a good thing because he believes it would potentially lead to less taxes. His comments present a difficult situation for Proposition 11 supporters, since many of them have been making the exact opposite claims about the initiative. Additionally many detractors have been claiming the Proposition is a not-so-secret GOP power grab, so Mr. Fleischman’s statements will add fuel to that fire.

By passing Proposition 11, Californians will be making it possible to add more conservatives to the legislature than ever before. That’s right – despite all of the rhetoric of misguided Prop. 11 supporters, who somehow believe that this measure will end partisanship in Sacramento – it will not. But what it will do is add more Republicans into the mix, giving us more votes to stop spending increases, tax increases and the growth in government that we have seen at the hands of the liberal Democrats who control the institution.

Ironically, a trip to the Yes on 11 website allows you to peruse quotes from officials of groups like the AARP, the NAACP, the League of Women Voters and others – all advocating a vote for 11 to end “gridlock” in Sacramento. Let me say two things – the first is that gridlock is a good thing, if it is preventing higher taxes and massive increases in state spending. Second, and more important, Proposition 11 will bring more partisan gridlock, because it will bring more partisan Republicans to Sacramento. It will once and for all put the permanent brakes on the overspending in Sacramento that has taken us straight into financial chaos.

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