PPIC Poll Finds Increased Support for Proposition 11

Recently released results from a Public Policy Institute of California Poll suggest building support for Proposition 11. The poll, of 1186 likely voters shows statewide support growing from September with an increase from 38% yes to 41% yes, with a decreasing amount of undecided voters, likely resulting from increased advertising as the election gets closer. The poll does suggest that Proposition 11 has not reached the magic 50% polling number which California election experts tend to say is needed in order for a proposition to pass on election day.  The survey also notes some other interesting demographic trends:

Most likely voters across regions say state legislators would more effectively represent their districts if an independent commission of citizens drew the district lines — which is what Proposition 11 would do. But when it comes to casting their votes, many likely voters are skeptical of the measure. Their views on Proposition 11 are similar (41% yes, 34% no) to those expressed in September (38% yes, 33% no), and 25 percent are still undecided. Support for Proposition 11 is highest among Republicans (45%) and has increased the most among independents (39% today, 29% September). Support has increased somewhat among Democrats since August (38% today, 36% September, 31% August), but they are still divided (38% yes, 37% no). Among demographic groups, support for Proposition 11 is higher among men (47%) than women (35%). Opposition is higher among Latinos (44%) than whites (31%).

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