Columnist in Long Beach Telegram Supports Proposition 11

A recent syndicated column by Thomas D. Alias appeared in the Long Beach Telegram supporting Proposition 11. He takes issue with the way the Proposition has been criticized, suggesting that we will not fully know the redistricting reform’s effects until we try it.

Says Steve Maviglio, press secretary for current Speaker Karen Bass, and previously the spokesman for both Nunez and former Gov. Gray Davis, “- the lack of competitive elections in November is not because of the way political boundaries are drawn. It’s because California’s population has shifted. There are blue areas, there are red areas. And there’s not much in between.”This theory has never been tested, and plenty of similar notions have turned out to be pure balderdash.

The bottom line: If voters can’t yet get a blanket primary to give moderates some semblance of a political voice in this day of drawn-out, ideological budget standoffs, they at least ought to try a new reapportionment system. Even if it doesn’t work, it can’t be any worse or more incumbent-serving than what’s prevailed during the last two decades.

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