School Board President Supports Prop 11

Joann Steinmeier, president of the Arcadia Unified School District board of education, voices support of Proposition 11 in an editorial in the Pasadena Star-News, arguing that the measure has advantages over previous efforts at redistricting reform in California:

“The good news is Proposition 11 is a well thought out and well-written alternative to our current method of redrawing district lines. The authors of the bill looked at all the ways that the process could be corrupted and have worked to counter them.

They have even backed it up with California Supreme Court appeal or review. Although I am not an expert on the process, I have been following the abuses for my entire adult life and frankly, we should all be tired of having our legislators choose their districts and then not take leadership to work earnestly to balance the budget, plan for the future growth of the state and protect our economy.”

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