Meg Whitman Donates $200,000 to Prop 11 Campaign

The Sacramento Bee recently reported that Meg Whitman provided a $200,000 donation to the Proposition 11 Campaign. Whitman is the former CEO of Ebay, a prominent California based auction website company. He donation has added more weight to the speculation that she may be trying to get more involved in California Politics.

“Over the weekend, Whitman donated $200,000 to the campaign for Proposition 11, the redistricting initiative on the Nov. 4 ballot backed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and an array of groups seeking to change government.

It is the first ballot donation that Whitman, a Republican, has made in at least eight years, according to campaign finance records.

But it likely won’t be her last, said Jeff Randle, a Republican strategist who has been advising Whitman for more than a year as she ponders a run for governor.

Whitman has pledged $150,000 to the California Republican Party. And she has recently offered to help GOP legislative leaders raise money for targeted races, said Randle.

Such cozying up to the political establishment is typical of candidates positioning themselves to run for office.”

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