Los Angeles Daily News Editorial in Favor of Proposition 11

The Los Angeles Daily News recently published an editorial that is very much in favor of Proposition 11 passing this November. The editorial reverses the argument advocated by detractors of Proposition 11 that the commission that will draw the districts is not selected by the people, saying it is a necessary step towards less partisan districts.

Opponents of Proposition 11 say the measure takes redistricting out of the hands of elected officials and gives that power to a commission not selected by the people. Yes, exactly the point. They argue that congressional districts should be redrawn by independent panels as well. We agree with that as well. But the power and the money of Congress would have derailed the entire effort if its districts were included.

And that can’t happen, because Proposition 11 is so important to the future of California. While redistricting is unlikely to transform politics in California immediately, a system that creates competitive districts made up of residents with common interests defined by geography, rather than party affiliation, means one day a more moderate and responsive state Legislature will emerge.

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